March 2017

March 15, 2017 - March 15, 2017

History and Memory of the Holocaust Session #5 of 6

In a series of workshops throughout the 2016-2017 school year, teachers will engage in rigorous academic study of the history of the Holocaust and the way it has been remembered. Through faculty talks, films, reading and discussion with scholars from the departments of History, Sociology and Religious Study, teachers will gain the tools and resources needed to enhance their students' study of history.

The generous support of our sponsors provides the following:
* $350 stipend for full participation
* Substitute costs for 5 release days
* Engaging resources a monograph, a primary source reader, and lesson plans
* Lunch on each day we meet

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March 20, 2017 - March 20, 2017

GeoGlobal Inquiry Educator Network Session #7 of 8

The History Project at UC Davis, the California Geographic Alliance, and the California International Studies Project introduce a new 2016-2017 GeoGlobal Inquiry Educator Network in the Sacramento region to explore research and effective practices for teaching contemporary geography and global competence.

The program:
* Identifies and supports needs for geography and global education
* Facilitate professional learning resource development for K-12 teachers in the Sacramento region
* Connect K-12 educators with academic scholars in geography and global studies for collaborative learning opportunities
*Deepen collective knowledge of new California History-Social Science Framework with focus on content, inquiry, citizenship, and literacy development for all students
*Includes stipend of $500 and 30 hours professional development credit

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March 22, 2017 - March 22, 2017

Teacher Research Group (TRG) Follow-up #4

A Teacher Research Group focused on implementing the H-SS Curriculum Framework for California Public Schools in the K-12 Classroom.

TRG Goals:
• Deepen our collective knowledge of content, disciplinary thinking, and literacy aligned to the HSS, Common Core, and ELD Standards

• Develop classroom-tested strategies to support disciplinary thinking, literacy, and content knowledge among students

• Provide a collaborative professional network for elementary and secondary history, geography, economics, and government/civics educators.

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