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From the Collection of Joan Cadden

Followers of Persephone, the Sirens were punished by the jealous Demeter, who turned them into monstrous sea birds. They had beautiful faces and voices, and lived on an island near southern Italy. With their beautiful songs they seduced and ate poor seamen, but not Odysseus and the Argonauts, who used wax earplugs. The Sirens were so distressed to see the men escape that they threw themselves into the sea and drowned. On this jar the Sirens sing their deadly song while Odysseus, bound to the mast of his ship, tries not to listen. One casts herself into the sea in despair. Attic red-figure wine jar (stamnos), the Name vase of the Siren Painter, c. 500-480 BCE, Late Archaic Period.


  • Mythology
  • Greece Ancient
  • Arts and Architecture


  • Europe

California Standard(s):

  • 6.4 - The geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the early civilizations of Ancient Greece

National Standard(s):

  • World Era 3 - Classical Traditions, Major Religions and Giant Empires, 1000 BCE-300 CE


12+ online. Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. Marie-Lan Nguyen, Jastrow photo. Copyright © British Museum, Great Russell St, London, England WC1B 3DG UNITED KINGDOM. Cat. No. E440. All rights reserved. Beazley Archive No. 202628.

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