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California Standard
Ad: Real Silk Hosiery, 'A Service (DIRECT TO THE HOME) Offered by Home Town Business Men' 1925
Ad: Cocomalt, 'Roger hasn't gained a pound in months' 1931
Ad: Cocomalt, 'Drinking milk was a nightmare to Mary - until I discovered this way to make her love it!' 1931
Ad: Boy's Life, 'A Boy in the Family' 1932
Ad: Cocomalt, 'That child looks half starved' 1931
Ad: Cocomalt, 'I Winced When They Called Her 'Skinny' 1936
Ad: Cocomalt, 'Drink that milk or go straight to bed' 1931
Ad: J.B. Williams Co., 'The Man of Tomorrow has A FACE THAT'S FIT' 1930
Ad: Grape Nuts, 'You Are What You Eat' 1923
Ad: U.S. Steel, 'The old mill stream's current now flows through the AIR' 1937
Ad: American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages, 'Science Says - bottled carbonated beverages more NUTRITIOUS than many foods' 1927
Ad: Texaco Motor Oil, 'Texaco Test Car No. 10 in the Great Salt Desert' 1931
Ad: Heinz Tomato Juice, 'Naturally you expect the finest tomato juice from Heinz' 1933
Ad: Yardley Cosmetics, 'The Natural Beauty' 1972
An integrated bus, Louisville, 1929
Dixie Moving Picture Theatre, Manassas, VA, 1915
Ad, Chase & Sanborn, 1936
Ad: Chase & Sanborn, 'Just 'plain folks' at home, these glamorous successes find DATED Coffee luxuriously satisfying' 1930
Logo: Metropolitan Life Insurance, 'The Light That Never Fails'
Logo: International Harvester, 1945