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California Standard
"The Independent Gold Hunter on His Way to California," 1850
Blacksmith Shop, Scofield, UT, 1900
Photo: 'A Harvest of Death' 1863
The Return to Fredericksburg after the Battle
'The Gallant Charge of the 54th Mass. (Colored) Regiment' 1863
General U.S. Grant being photographed with head clamp, c. 1864
Photo: Women among the ruins of Richmond, 1865
Ruins of Richmond, VA, April 1863
Embalming surgeon at work on soldier's body, 1860-65
"Camp of the Sixth N.Y. Artillery at Brandy Station, Virginia, showing Union soldiers in front of log company kitchen," 1864
"Dead Confederate Soldier in the Trenches at Petersburg," VA, 1865
Corliss Steam Engine, Centennial Exhibition, 1876
Wooden Box Industry - female workers," 1910
Woman shoemaker, Lynn, MA, 1895
"Mill Girl," shoemaker, Lynn, MA, 1895
Shoe Factory, Lynn, MA, 1895