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Featured Collection: Civil War

Poster: A Civil War enlistment poster from New York, 1861
'The Gallant Charge of the 54th Mass. (Colored) Regiment' 1863
'The Assassination of President Lincoln' 1865
'Last Moments of John Brown' 1882-1884
Peachtree Street with wagon traffic, Atlanta, Georgia, 1864
Filling Cartridges at the U.S. Arsenal, Watertown, Mass., 1861
Negro Union soldiers standing by their cannon
'30,000 Volunteers Wanted' 1864
The Union is Dissolved! 1860
Draft Riots on Lexington Avenue, New York City, 1865
'A Harvest of Death' 1863
'Substitute notices' 1861
'Savage Station' Virginia, 1862
Map: Alignment of States into Union and Confederacy, 1861
Map: The Election of 1860