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Featured Collection: Imperialism

Captured Malinke Leader Samory Touré, West Africa, 1898
West Africans Examine British Armed Forces Ad, World War II
German View of British Imperialism in Africa, 1904
Missionaries and South Africans Visit British Parliament, 1835
Colossus of Rhodes: Cape to Cairo, 1892
Diamond Merchant, South Africa, 1872
Kimberley Diamond Mines, South Africa, c. 1880
Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia, 1911
The Submission of Ashanti King Prempeh, West Africa, 1896
Ghana's Independence Celebration, West Africa, 1957
North Africans Resist British Colonialism, Sudan, 1899
Boer War Postcard, South Africa, c. 1900
Zulus Negotiate with British Over Natal, Southern Africa, 1824
European Impressions of Africa, 1599
British Ad for Colonial Products from British East Africa, 1926