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Anasazi Ruins at Mesa Verde, AD 100 to 1300
Verelst, Ho Nee Yeath Taw No Row, King of Generethgarich (Iroquois John), 1710
Copley, Mercy Otis Warren, c. 1763
Ad: 'The BANJO as it used to be in the last generation' 1893
College Banjo Clubs, 1890's
'Nearer My God to Thee' 1913
Charles Sheeler, 'Classic Landscape' 1931
'Sorting Mail' 1935
Oedipus and Sphinx
Heracles Slaying Nessos
Temple of Heracles the Victor, Rome, 2nd c. BCE
Heracles Slaying Nessos
Osiris on the Throne Surrounded by Isis, Nephthys and Horus