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Featured Collection: W.W. II Internment

Confiscated Japanese-Canadian Fishing Boats, 1942
Japanese Americans being moved to relocation centers, 1942
Japanese Americans during WW II relocation, 1942
Caravan of American Japanese on the way to Manzanar
Former World War I serviceman enters relocation center, 1942
Members of the Mochida family awaiting evacuation bus, 1942
Poster: Instructions to All Persons of Japanese Ancestry, 1942
Project Director's Message, Manzanar High School Yearbook, 1944
Map of W.W. II Relocation Centers
Map of the Exclusion Area, Japanese Evacuation Program, 1942
Trucks and private cars loaded with baggage ready to leave for Manzanar , 1942
Japanese American children playing football at Heart Mountain, Wyoming relocation center, 1943
Boy Scout troop formed at the Manzanar relocation center, 1943
Assembly Center at Tanforan Racetrack just after the Japanese Americans moved in following removal, 1942
Tanforan Racetrack, 1942
Japanese American man, a World War I veteran, at Heart Mountain Relocation Camp, Wyoming. c. 1943
Waiting to board a train at the Santa Anita Racetrack center, 1942
Japanese-style landscaping, Manzanar, 1943
The Japanese-owned
Japanese-American discrimination in California, 1941