Marchand Archive

The Marchand Archive is an ever-expanding collection of document-based lesson plans (Documentary Source Problems) and more than 8,600 images (Image Archive). This site brings together the original Adventures in Roland Marchand's File Cabinet launched in 1999 and the Marchand Image Archive launched in 2001.

With funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, we have expanded the original Marchand image collection to include images from other UC Davis faculty including Andres Resendez, Alan Taylor, Cynthia Brantley, Joan Cadden, Louis Warren, and Karen Halttunen (now at USC). We have supplemented Roland's documentary source problems with lessons based on images in this expanded collection and developed by outstanding teachers associated with The History Project.

The Marchand Archive contains two useful collections: the Image Collection and the Documentary Source Problems Collection. Read more about each below.

About Roland

Roland Marchand, an internationally acclaimed scholar and author of Advertising the American Dream and Creating the Corporate Soul, co-founded the History Project at UC Davis to improve history education, kindergarten through university. Materials from his own award-winning teaching provided the basis for the original online collection. Learn more


Image Collection

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The Marchand Image Collection comprises more than 8600 images, many of which have been digitized from slides and therefore are not available elsewhere. Faculty members of the UC Davis History Department contribute images used in their teaching. A growing collection with maps, Aztec codices, early Americana, advertising posters and more. Browse through a collection of images that we have paired with lessons or search for images to supplement your lesson plans.

  Odysseus and the Sirens  David Klein poster, New York. Fly TWA, 1956


Documentary Source Problems Collection

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Each assignment in this collection encourages students to apply their analytical skills to a set of primary sources from which they can deduce and explain events from the past. History Project founder Roland Marchand developed documentary source problems for his students at UC Davis. Outstanding teachers, graduate students, and staff from The History Project each have contributed lessons that add to Roland's impressive foundation. Every lesson has also been adapted by Project Fellows for use in high school and middle school classrooms. Check out the Documentary Source Problems Collection for more.

sample lesson


Suggested ways to use this site:

  • Search the under Topic/Theme to gain insight into how our collection contributors used sets of images to teach a particular topic. This is especially useful when working with images from Roland Marchand's Collection.
  • Browse through the documentary source problems for primary and secondary source sets and tasks which will help your students exercise their analytical skills to understand historical events and issues
  • Search the image collection by region or key word to find images and citations to supplement your projects
  • Check out the document-based lesson plans adapted for middle and high school, some of which include images from the image archive
  • Search for images by California History Social Science standard to supplement your curriculum

Teaching Tools

History education comes alive when students learn to think and work like historians. When teachers apprentice students in age-appropriate ways, they learn to work with sources, consider different perspectives, analyze and interpret information, and marshal evidence in support of their conclusions. Here's how we do it:

The process of historical investigation provides a backbone for our approach. A team of teachers and scholars defined this process in our best attempt to nail Jell-O to the wall and delineate a linear process analogous to the scientific method.

We encourage teachers to lead their students in historical investigations big and small. Here's a sample lesson that uses just two sources to great effect:

Marchand Teaching Library

History Project Fellows can consider the Marchand Teaching Library their office on campus. It holds a cabinet packed with standards-based lessons developed by HP Fellows, and shelves filled with 1000+ history books, slide collections, CD-Roms, and DVDs. While Fellows have greater borrowing and copying privileges, local area teachers also are invited to visit and use these resources. Just let us know when we should expect you!

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