Stacey Greer

MA, California State University, Sacramento
Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science
Administrative Services Credential

Katharine Cortes

Program Coordinator 
MA, University of California Davis

Sherrill Futrell

Special Projects Coordinator 
BA, University of California, Davis 
Single Subject Teaching Credential in Social Science

“I can always rely on the History Project as a place to go and be treated as a professional. As a participant I benefit from the curriculum provided that I can use directly in my classroom. I increase my understanding of the subject matter with lectures from and interaction college professors. And I am continually challenged to produce lessons of my own based on my research. I am more thoughtful in planning - integrating new strategies each year to improve my students' learning. My students benefit because of the strategies that I am able to incorporate into my teaching and by the specific knowledge that I receive. My students also benefit because I return to school each year invigorated and rejuvenated.”

Jessica Williams
Winters High School, Winters USD